Country Director Sudan

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Here is a fantastic opportunity for a person that want a daily challenge in an ever-changing environment. Here you will need your leadership skills to lead, inspire, motivate and support your staff. NCA in Sudan has 155 staff and 4 field offices. At present 12 expats. Please note this is a non-family duty station.
We know from experience that you must possess strategic leadership and strategic thinking. In addition to this, multitasking and the ability to thrive in a stressful environment is equally important.
Perseverance, writing skills, communication, presentation and fundraising are also properties that you will get well used and not to forget lots of patience.

Other tasks and challenges that will become part of everyday life are:

  • Security situation (monitored on a daily basis)
  • High workload
  • Financing of the program, especially in a changing context, that means you are a good negotiator as well as you are good at building relationships
  • Building and maintaining staff
  • Lead staff/team going through an organisational change
  • Building organisational structure and processes from a low base
  • Lots of meetings with donors and stakeholders and represent
  • You must have the ability, experience and understanding to lead and manage a team that are traumatized and fatigued by the difficult context they and their families are enduring.
  • And last, but not least, travel to the field offices. Which takes time because of large distances, so much time on the road.

You most likely have the following qualifications

  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Minimum 10 years of experience from leadership positions in international relief and development organizations
  • Demonstrated success in leading large and complex programs
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution skills
  • Crisis management
  • Demonstrated skills in developing, motivating, and empowering local capacities
  • Excellent English communication skills, knowledge of Arabic is an asset
  • Able to show compassion and care
  • Able to handle stress and high workload in a challenging environment
  • Diplomatic skills, cultural sensitivity, excellent communication skills
  • Able to multitask
  • Patience
  • Pragmatic and solution oriented

So, after reading this, are you still interested? If you are, we would like you to apply for this position. You will get both professionally and personally experience of a lifetime, good accommodation, professional staff which exhibits great hospitality and an opportunity to work in an organization that make a positive difference for many people who need attention and help in their daily lives.
We encourage all qualified persons to apply for a job with us, regardless of gender, age, disability or cultural background. NCA uses an electronic gateway for all recruitment where you can register and submit your CV, write an application / cover letter and attach relevant certificates. Only applicants using this electronic gateway will be considered for the position.

Before you apply:
We kindly ask you to carefully read the ACT Code of Conduct for the prevention of misconduct, including corruption, fraud, exploitation and abuse, including sexual; and to ensure child safeguarding and the Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse and Child Safeguarding policy before you submit your application. If you are the selected candidate for this position you will be asked to complete and sign our Code of Conduct and Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse, and Child Safeguarding Policy.
In accordance with core humanitarian principles, NCA implements a range of safeguards to prevent or reduce the possibility of humanitarian aid falling into the wrong hands. This includes those individuals and groups who are subject to sanctions by the United Nations Security Council. As part of this process, NCA will screen the details of the successful candidates for this post against the sanctions lists maintained by the UN and by some of NCAs governmental donors.

How to apply

To apply for the position, click this link:

You can change the language on this page in the top right corner, then click apply job above the advert. After that fill out all the fields, be aware there is one field that is mandatory; “candidate attributes”, once this is filled out you will be able to apply.

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