Communication and labor market officer (Saida, North Lebanon and Lebanon Field Office)

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A) Communication and representation of the youth employment hubs:
1. Creation of a network of project’s stakeholders and communicate with them project’s
updates, vacancies, brochures or any other relevant documents;
2. Posting of vacancies and announcements in Employment Services Centers platform and
other approved social media;
3. Attending meetings, conferences, working groups in their respective areas as instructed;
4. Contribute to the outreach plans for new youth developed by the employment counselors;
5. Contribute to the outreach plans for employers developed by the outreach employment
6. Maintain the needed coordination with area offices and camps services offices for
communications of vacancies activities;
7. Maintain the needed coordination with other UNRWA departments and units in the field;
8. Manage all social media including Facebook and learning passport by posting vacancies,
announcements and counseling tools in addition to replying to the youth queries through the
page for their respective areas.
(B) Collecting, archiving and reporting labor market information:
1. Ensure the classification and update on the platform of secured vacancies under KFW
Cash-for-Work based on international standard industrial classification;
2. Ensure the classification and update on the platform of employers participated in KFW
Cash-for-Work based on international standard classification of occupations;
3. Profiling and Classification of registered youth based on work experience, education, skills,
age group and gender;
4. Reviewing published labor market studies internally and externally published;
5. Reporting labor market information to youth unit management;
6. Ensuring all monitoring & evaluation tools are filled and up to date from both employed
youth & employers in their respective areas to gather labor market trends and challenges;
7. Contribute to and assist with Tracer Study updates;
8. Contribute to and maintain regular and updated labor market analysis reports;
9. Create and maintain a syndicate information and database for UNRWA right to work
10. Provide referrals of job seekers to counselors;
11. Coordinate the maintenance and management of youth booth.

How to apply

Please find below the link to a video that guides applicants on how to apply to Job Openings
that approach you for guidance:

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