The overall aim of the study is to generate an understanding of the gaps in the implementation of HREDD at the flower farm level including the level of awareness, readiness, challenges and cost of compliance to the due diligence requirements of the Fairtrade certified Flower farms in Kenya to implement the human rights due diligence processes within their operation, this study should also highlight the main salient HREDD issues of priority in each of the FTA zones for the Flower product in Kenya.

It is envisioned that this gap analysis will lead to:

1. Improved understanding of the salient HRE risks for the flower producers in the 4 regions in Kenya

2. Estimation of the cost of compliance to HREDD requirements by Flower Producer Organizations in Kenya 3. Documentation of the producer gaps and challenges in implementing HREDD and recommendations on the actions needed to bridge this gap. The aim of this assignment is to engage a consultant to deliver on the objectives within twenty (20) days maximum between the month of October and December 2023 2


Main Objective To conduct research on the human rights and environmental due diligence gaps for the flower producer organizations in Kenya


• Plan and undertake a literature review of available information on Human Rights and Environmental issues in the flower supply chain in Kenya

• Conduct primary data Collection at the 16 sampled flower farms (Members of Fairtrade) in Zone1, zone 2, zone 3, zone 4 as per the objectives above

• Triangulate the findings and provide the key findings and recommendations

• The assignment will be delivered within 20 days by December 30th, 2023


The Consultant should have at minimum a relevant University Degree. In addition, the Consultant should possess the following qualifications:

• The consultant should have a minimum of 5 years’ demonstrable experience in carrying out similar assignments preferably in the Hired Labour horticultural sector.

• Demonstrable understanding of the Fairtrade Standards, and social compliance specifically on Human Rights and Environmental sustainability issues affecting the flower sector.

• Demonstrable understanding of HREDD requirements and frameworks

• Demonstrated ability to design and implement a practical research methodology

• Demonstrated ability to use qualitative technique(s) where applicable in the study.

• Good interpersonal skills with demonstrated the ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.

• Professional and demonstrable experience in working with Fairtrade certified flower producers will be an added advantage.


Interested consultants are requested to submit applications to Fairtrade Africa while attaching the following documents:

• Cover letter

• Technical Proposal of 8 pages maximum (including methodology, detailed work plan, and a list of all professionals to be involved in the assignment and their roles in this assignment).

• The proposed budget (both professional fee and logistics) – to include the total cost for the assignment in Euro currency. The budget should include all the applicable taxes as per Kenyan laws.

• CV of the consultant(s) that will be involved in the assignment.

• At least three references from relevant institutions where work of a similar nature has been conducted

How to apply

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