About Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

At Mines Advisory Group (MAG), our vision is to create a safe future for communities affected by violence, conflict, and insecurity. We aim to empower individuals to live in communities where their rights are upheld, and they can exercise their choices with dignity, free from the fear of mines, explosive remnants of war (ERW), and the impact of small arms and light weapons.

MAG’s mission is to save lives and build safer futures. We specialize in removing mines and ERW, as well as reducing the impact of small arms, light weapons, and ammunition on communities. Our focus is on working directly with and for communities because, for us, “it’s all about people.”

Our values guide our actions, creating a positive culture. We are determined, expert, and act with integrity, compassion, and inclusivity.

Overview of the Role

As a Technical Field Coordinator, you will play a vital role in supporting our Technical Field Manager to ensure the highest quality of Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM) activities. You will help maintain coherence across all ongoing and proposed projects, aligning them with the overall WAM strategy and regulatory standards.


General Duties:

  • Assist the Technical Field Manager in ensuring the efficient and safe completion of technical operations.
  • Provide translation and attend both internal and external meetings as needed.
  • Liaise with local stakeholders, including authorities, partners, and CL teams.
  • Manage team administration, including timesheets, reports, and other administrative requirements.
  • Support the Technical Field Manager in compiling information and statistics as required.
  • Provide written translation of documents, reports, and other field-related materials.
  • Maintain strict adherence to safety policies and procedures.

Project Planning and Implementation – Building Work:

  • Assist the Technical Field Manager in assessing needs and producing construction diagrams and plans for Armoury buildings.
  • Produce tender documents and review bids for construction projects.
  • Manage relations with contractors and ensure high-quality construction activities.
  • Conduct continual quality assurance of construction projects and ensure adherence to agreed timelines.
  • Ensure records are kept of quality assurance checks and any amendments to construction plans.
  • Securely install weapon racks and maintain records.
  • Comply with MAG’s standards and guidelines.

Project Implementation – Armoury Refurbishment:

  • Liaise with authorities and ICM regarding weapon racks’ requirements within each Armoury.
  • Produce installation plans for weapon racks.
  • Ensure quality assurance of the weapon rack manufacturing process.
  • Supervise contractors and maintain records.
  • Securely install weapon racks and maintain records.
  • Comply with MAG’s standards and guidelines.

Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Support the Technical Field Manager with technical evaluations of weapons and ammunitions stores.
  • Conduct assessments and quality assurance of previously constructed weapons and ammunitions stores.
  • Keep accurate records of MAG-constructed and refurbished armories.

Project Planning (WAM – Other Activities):

  • Support the Technical Field Manager and Country Director in Programme planning.
  • Contribute to the annual budgeting process for WAM activities.

Technical Coordination:

  • Liaise with stakeholders to conduct MAG’s WAM training offerings.
  • Maintain a roster of security sector personnel for training activities.
  • Prepare materials for training offerings and conduct training as instructed.
  • Prepare evaluation reports for all training.
  • Maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of MAG training participants.

Health, Safety, and Security:

  • Receive safety briefings and training on field safety equipment.
  • Monitor the security situation in the country and areas of operations in coordination with RPM/RC.

Essential Requirements

  • Operational experience in SALW/GAM (Small Arms and Light Weapons/General Ammunition Management).
  • Experience in coordinating AMD (Ammunition Management and Disposal) operations.
  • Experience in supervising and delivering more or less structured training and skills transfer.

Essential Skills and Knowledge:

  • Technical knowledge of GAM activities and operations.
  • Ability to develop, review, and comply with safety and operational procedures.
  • Ability to contribute technical knowledge by setting clear targets for proposals and reports.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including planning and coordination of activities and projects.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong reading, numeracy, and computer skills.
  • Knowledge of local regulations and international standards related to Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and General Ammunition Management (GAM).
  • Experience working with government and security sector agencies in the context of arms and ammunition management.
  • Familiarity with relevant software or tools used in GAM and ammunition tracking.
  • Previous experience in conflict-affected or post-conflict regions.
  • Any specific certifications or training related to arms and ammunition management.
  • Knowledge of local languages or regional dialects, if relevant to the job location.
  • Experience with security assessments and risk mitigation in high-risk environments.

Application Deadline: November 3, 2023

Note: Please include the job title in the subject line of your application. Applications delivered by hand will not be considered.

LocationHargeisa (with occasional travel to other programme areas if needed)

How to apply

Join us and be a part of a dynamic team working towards creating a safer and more secure future for all. Send your CV and a cover letter to hr.som@maginternational.org.

This post is for SL nationals only. Note: Please include the job title in the subject line of your application. Applications delivered by hand will not be considered.

Join MAG and be part of creating a safer future for communities affected by conflict and insecurity.

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