General Responsibilities (Overall purpose)

The Protection Specialist is responsible to provide technical expertise and leadership for Tdh Jordan’s protection interventions in Jordan including child protection, access to justice and gender technical areas. He/she advises and directly supports the implementation of all project activities linked to the above mentioned technical areas, creates/adapts technical tools (guidelines, monitoring tools, etc), in order to ensure a qualitative implementation of the activities and follow-up up in accordance with Tdh’s global tools and standards, and facilitates the provision of internal and external training related to capacity building needs. He/she ensures Tdh’s representation at Ministry and local level, and in relevant humanitarian and development coordination fora.

The main tasks of this function are:

  • Technical expertise: Support the development or contextualization of programmatic approaches, models of interventions and tools in the field of Child Protection, Access to justice, gender, and technically lead on relevant situation analyses, assessments, evaluations, studies, etc.
  • Quality assurance and learning: ensure protection standards are applied throughout the programme and lead on the related capacity building efforts for partners and governmental stakeholders.
  • Advocacy and representation/coordination: ensure Tdh Jordan plays an active role in the national and local advocacy efforts as well as participating in relevant coordination fora with national and international stakeholders, as assigned by the Program Coordinator. Map and develop networks with national and international stakeholders.

Specific Responsibilities / Context (Tasks)

Technical Expertise

  • Contribute to the development of the programme’s intervention strategies
  • Make sure that Tdh technical strategies and policies are implemented in his/her field.
  • Refers to national and international policies in child rights, child protection and access to justice for children
  • Understands the child protection framework and judicial system in Jordan
  • According to the program strategic documents and work plans, advises and supports the field teams in the implementation and quality of all activities in all geographical locations.
  • Develop protection-related needs assessment and analyses, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders
  • Technically support in the creation or contextualisation of technical materials (guidelines, manuals, monitoring tools, awareness materials, training packages, etc)
  • Ensure the monitoring of the protection policies and procedures in Jordan.
  • Facilitate the engagement of appropriate trainers for different professional actors based on the agreed agenda with the main government institutions.
  • Identify and share information, research, best practices relevant to the field of work.

Quality assurance and learning:

  • Identify the training needs of Tdh staff, Tdh partners and other stakeholders, linked to a localisation and sustainability vision
  • Facilitate and undertake training, and training of trainers in the areas of expertise as needed, and/or identify and contract appropriate external trainers.
  • Support the exchange of capacity building tools and technical approaches across the MENA region
  • Identity and document innovation and good practices
  • Input as needed in awareness and advocacy actions
  • Lead in information sharing, knowledge management and archiving of technical documentation using Sharepoint.
    • Ensure Tdh’s representation before national entities (Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice, Judicial Council, Juvenile Police Department, Juvenile and Family Proetction Department, and other relevant national and local stakeholders) and ensure a smooth coordination and collaboration

Advocacy and representation/coordination:

  • Attend and actively participate in the Child Protection and GBV national working groups and other protection related coordination meetings, ensuring visibility of Tdh programs in such coordination for a
  • Actively identify and facilitate relevant networking opportunities

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Provide monthly reports on Tdh template about achievements and work plans including both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Ensure quality and timely technical inputs for proposals and reports
  • Ensure technical supervision of the program teams and conduct regular monitoring and evaluation activities.
  • Monitor protection trends and contextual changes that can influence Tdh programming in Jordan.

Safeguarding and PSEA

  • Respect and actively promote Tdh Safeguarding Policies.
  • Ensure safeguarding and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) is mainstreamed through all Tdh programmatic interventions

Undertake all other duties that may be requested by the line-managers and that are compatible with the job.

Tdh Global Code of Conduct and Risk Management Policies:

Fully complies with Tdh’s Global Code of Conduct and systematically reports any breach to the Code through the whistleblowing procedure: raises awareness within the Foundation on abuse and violence and the rights deriving therefrom, respecting the rights and dignity of children, members of the communities and our own Staff

Commits to respecting Risk Management Policies including: Safeguarding Policies (Child Safeguarding Policy, Policy on the Protection against Sexual Exploitation and the Directive on Staff Misconduct at the Workplace), Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption and Prevention of the Financing of Criminal Activities Policies

Commits to reducing the risk of abuse and harm by developing a culture of open and informed leadership within the organization and in our work with children and the communities in which we intervene in.


This role requires a mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)

 Sound personal organizational skills, including time management, ability to meet deadlines, multi-tasking, prioritization of tasks, and working under pressure

 Communication of professional needs in a clear, concise and responsible manner;

 Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity;

 Tolerance and acceptance of diversity;

 Flexibility and strong adaptation skills.

Requirements for the position


  • Education: A Bachelor’s degree in law, human rights, social work or other relevant fields. Masters degree an asset
  • Language: Excellent oral and writing skills in English and Arabic

Previous experience:

  • At least 6 years’ experience in the field of protection and or justice.
  • At least 4 years experiences in INGO or NGO
  • Experience in high level representation and coordination

Knowledge and skills:

  • Expertise in protection, child protection and / or access to justice or gender-based violence
  • Knowledge of the international legal framework and national legal framework in Jordan
  • Experience in advocacy
  • Experience in capacity building and training, experience in designing and animating workshops
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Understanding and commitment to child’s rights and child protection issues
  • Flexible, willing to travel
  • Good computer skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Sense of humor , dynamic, pro-active
  • Ability to travel to operational areas in Jordan on a regular basis.

How to apply

For interested candidates ,please send your updated resumes with a cover letter to the email below address Name of Applicant /Position.

Applicants are reviewed and screened before deadline ,so we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible.

Note :Any email with a little that does not have the required information will be disregarded.

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