Organisation Strategy & Policy:
• Act as a support to the Executive Director and work closely with other Senior Management Team (SMT) Members to craft overall organisational strategy and goals.
• Set direction and annual operational plans for Program Development and Quality Assurance, HR & Admin, IT, and Supply Chain Solutions that align with TBC’s Strategic Plan.
• Oversee the development, modernisation and monitoring Program Development and Quality Assurance, HR & Admin, IT systems and functions, including Supply Chain Solutions and Logistics.
• Contribute to the development and implementation of strategies in collaboration with the SMT for strengthening TBC’s advocacy and communication efforts.
• Use a results-based approach to plan and implement organisational support functions.
Governance and Compliance:
• Ensure donor and organisational compliance and governance requirements are met including ensuring all
HR policies and HR compliances are according to the standardisation and local laws in Thailand and Myanmar.
• Set standards and local governance for Supply Chain Solutions and Logistics.
• Oversee organisational compliance and smooth operations in Supply Chain Solutions and Logistics team.
• Review, edit, and approve funding proposals and donor reports and contribute to their writing as needed.
• Oversee TBC’s risk register and manage six-monthly revisions.
• Ensure legal and regulatory compliance with regard to all governance functions domestically and internationally.
• Manage TBC’s complaints and response mechanisms, and PSEAH, Child Protection, Codes of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies and compliance.
• Support the ED in the management of requirements of the TBC Board of Directors and consortium members including for Board meetings and annual events.
• Contribute to building and maintaining strong relationships and reports with the Ministry of Interior (OCDP), CCSDPT, Ministry of Labour, Immigration Bureau, and other government units, as well as partner organisations for the Program Development and Quality Assurance Unit, and HR & Admin team.

Programme Development and Quality Assurance:
• Oversee the Program Development and Quality Assurance Unit to ensure high standards in programme design, implementation, and evaluation.
• Work closely with the Finance Director, Thailand Programme Director, and Myanmar Programme Director to promote efficiency in programme development and management.
• Identify and track funding opportunities, working closely with relevant stakeholders to secure necessary funding.
• Ensure supply chain solutions and logistics procedures, administration, and IT policies meet organisational requirements and are effectively implemented.
• Monitor and enhance Service Level Agreements for HR, Administration, Supply Chain Solutions and IT partners, including all outsourced contractors across TBC projects.
• Oversee and work with the Human Resources and Administration Manager on daily operational support issues, including office management tasks.
• Oversee the quality assurance for Supply Chain and Logistics team.
• Manage IT projects including IT outsourced contractors and consultants.
Fraud Mitigation and Response:
• Be the focal point for TBC’s fraud mitigation and response efforts, including serving on the Fraud Mitigation and Response Committee.
• Engage in fraud investigations and help ensure robust measures are in place to mitigate risks.
• Develop and implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect, and respond to fraud.
Team Management:
• Provide direction and supervision to the Program Development and Quality Assurance Unit, Supply Chain Solutions, HR & Admin, and IT (outsourced) teams.
• Lead and manage staff, encouraging effective teamwork and providing supervision, guidance, and mentoring.
• Contribute to team-building efforts and ensure integration of team members into relevant decision-making processes.
• Manage staff performance and behaviour issues, and staff development, in consultation with the Human Resources and Administration Manager.
Representation and Advocacy:
• Assist the Executive Director in representing TBC to donors, multilateral organisations, INGOs, CCSDPT, UNHCR, and the Royal Thai Government as required.
• Contribute to the hosting of donor visits and management of donor relations.
• Collaborate with local stakeholders in the planning and implementation of organisational activities.
• Oversee and collaborate with the Human Resources and Administration Manager to manage annual and ad hoc events such as the Annual Staff Workshop, Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings, donor/partner meetings, in-person Board meetings, and staff meetings and workshops.
Financial Management:
• Collaborate with the Finance Director to ensure financial strategies support TBC’s mission.
• Oversee the budget for Program Development and Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Solutions, HR & Admin, and IT units.
• Ensure financial inputs to reports are prepared accurately and timely.

Other Significant Duties:
• Contribute to emergencies responses and organisational operations to ensure adequate support to the Thailand and Myanmar programmes.
• Other duties may be delegated by the Executive Director as required.

How to apply

Application Closing Date: 8th Aug 2024
Expected Start Date: 1st Oct 2024
Reporting Line: Executive Director

How to Apply:
• Please submit a current CV/resume including 3 references and a cover letter explaining why you are suitable for this position or through this website.
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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