Logistic Officer

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Overview of position

Our client is an operational arm of the United Nations, supporting the successful implementation of its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. Our mission is to help people build better lives and countries achieve sustainable development. our client areas of expertise cover infrastructure, procurement, project management, financial management and human resources.

The Logistics Associate will perform the following duties with full effectiveness, transparency, and integrity.

Role objectives

Purpose and Scope of Assignment: The Logistics Associate will perform the following duties with full effectiveness, transparency, and integrity: Assets Management

· Manage equipment/ Assets write-offs for all items held at duty station.

· Ensure all items held that have a limited shelf life are turned over (used or consumed) regularly.

· Ensure all assets and equipment held by the project are stored safely, correctly, and securely depending upon the item classification.

· Maintain a comprehensive log of project. assets

· Conduct asset verification exercise on a regular basis and upon request from the logistics officer. Inbound Logistics Management

· In cooperation with the project team, support in the implementation of the logistics plan to manage the smooth flow of imported goods

· Follow-up with customs clearance agents on the process of customs clearance, release, and exemptions of our client imported supplies, materials, and equipment.

· Coordinate with our client main office in Sana’a all arriving shipments and ensure that all necessary approvals are timely obtained from relevant authorities.

· Coordinate with our client suppliers, shipping agencies, and customs clearance agents to ensure safe and fast release and collection of goods and storage in line with contract INCOTERMS

· Ensure shipping documents consistency with our client requirements and contract terms

· Provide technical assistance and guidance to customs clearance agents whenever needed Liaison

· Process all permits for inland movement of shipments as needed..

· Liaise with relevant official authorities and stakeholders on all logistics and operational matters to ensure the smooth implementation of projects . Fleet Management

· Ensure our client vehicles meet the organization’s requirements in terms of road safety.

· Manage vehicle rentals and movement to/ from and within the southern governorates.

· Ensuring our client drivers and vehicles adherence to our client driving and road safety standards Other Tasks

· Prepare and submit reports as requested by the supervisor.

· Control and update the Yemen Office master inventory and separate inventory lists for all projects funded assets through the available tools (database, spreadsheets … etc) in cooperation with the logistics officer.

· Manage the logistics office’s petty cash.

· Assist procurement team in soliciting offers, updating the vendors’ list in Southern Yemen in full adherence to the our client rules and regulations.

Project reporting

To The project Manager

Key competencies

· Treats all individuals with respect; responds sensitively to differences and encourages others to do the same.

· Upholds organizational and ethical norms. Maintains high standards of trustworthiness.

· Role model for diversity and inclusion. Acts as a positive role model contributing to the team spirit. Collaborates and supports the development of others. Demonstrates understanding of the impact of own role on all partners and always puts the end beneficiary first.

· Builds and maintains strong external relationships and is a competent partner for others (if relevant to the role).

· Efficiently establishes an appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal. Actions lead to total task accomplishment through concern for quality in all areas. Sees opportunities and takes the initiative to act on them.

· Understands that responsible use of resources maximizes our impact on our beneficiaries.

· Performance is consistent, even under pressure.

· Always pursues continuous improvements. Evaluates data and courses of action to reach logical, pragmatic decisions. Takes an unbiased, rational approach with calculated risks. Applies innovation and creativity to problem-solving.

· Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise and open manner. Communication indicates a consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Actively listens and proactively shares knowledge. Handles conflict effectively, by overcoming differences of opinion and finding common ground.

How to apply

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