Context for the work

CALP is looking for a certified trainer to deliver the Training of Trainers on Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff for the practitioners in the Pacific Region. Due to circumstances, the ToT will aim to broaden the pool of individuals capable of delivering the Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff course in both face-to-face and online settings. With this objective, this will be a combined ToT for the face-to-face and online delivery of the course.

Primary Objective of the consultancy

The main objective of this consultancy is that preparation, delivery and reporting on the above course are carried out.

Specific Objectives

  1. To prepare for the training course and making adjustments to training materials according to context.
  2. To facilitate the training as a lead trainer.
  3. To collaborate with the co-facilitator/s during the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the course.
  4. To debrief and provide written feedback to CALP on the delivery of the course and how future run of this course could be improved.


Below are the activities and indicative number of days required:

Preparation – 3 Days

  • Preparation for course delivery and making adjustments to training materials according to context;
  • Coordinating with co-facilitator/s in the allocation of roles and session delivery responsibilities; and
  • Coordinating with the CALP teams and co-organizers.

Deliverables: Facilitation agenda finalised and appropriate session materials printed/prepared

Online sessions prior to the training – 2 Days

  • Organize online sessions via feasible option and time with the participants to provide clear guidance on the required preparation and other relevant materials prior to the actual training in Fiji.


  1. Pre-requisites prior to the actual training are fulfilled by the participants
  2. Deliver online workshops for participants as part of the preparation for the TOT

Facilitation – 5 Days

  • Leadership and direction on facilitation roles between lead and co-facilitator/s, including division of labour for modules, activities, classroom management, etc.
  • Delivery of the five-day, face-to-face course
  • Facilitate full sessions as planned with the co-facilitator/s
  • Observe and provide feedback and recommendations to the participants.
  • Provide support during other sessions and activities, as necessary.


  1. High quality delivery of 5-day Core Programmes course

Evaluation and reporting – 1 Day

  • As this a combined ToT for the face-to-face and online delivery, the consultant is expected to lead the course debriefing with the co-facilitator/s and the CALP team (necessary), and provide recommendations. The debrief also includes a review of participant evaluation forms.
  • Preparation and submission of a full training report where findings, recommendations, and lessons learned should be presented.


  1. Evaluation
  2. Training report
  3. Trainer observation and feedback form for the co-facilitator.

Travel – 2 Days

Total number of consultant days – 13 Days

During the delivery of this course, it is expected that the lead trainer and co-facilitator/s will communicate regularly with CALP’s regional and learning teams, when necessary.
Key Deliverables/Outputs The following outputs will be expected under this consultancy:
1. Delivery of a high-quality training course, using CALP training materials – contextualising materials as appropriate to the setting and participants.
2. Evaluation feedback and training report inputs: Written feedback and recommendations to inform a brief training report.

Time Schedule & Project Duration
The onsite training is scheduled on the 1st to 5th July 2024 in Nadi, Fiji. But prior to the onsite training, two online sessions are required to be delivered in June (dates and time are to be determined). All activities of this consultancy are expected to be completed by maximum 30th July 2024.

This piece of work is commissioned by USAID on behalf of the CALP Network. The Asia Pacific Deputy Regional Representative will work with the consultant, with the support of the Learning Delivery Lead.

Milestones & Payment Schedule
Payment will be made in line with the milestones and deadlines for key project deliverables as follows:
• 100% payment on completion of the course and delivery of the training report.

Essential profile of the consultant
For this piece of work, CALP is looking for the following expertise:
• The lead trainer must be a CALP-certified, who has experience of both the online and face-to-face Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff course.
• Ideally the trainer has facilitated or co-facilitated a Training of Trainers course, for either or both the online and face-to-face Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff course.
• Demonstrated experience of high-quality training course delivery, especially with CVA course content
• Strong experience and understanding of issues and good practices regarding CVA and, preferably, experience in the Pacific region.

The consultant shall be responsible for processing the travel requirements to enter Fiji. CALP and the co-organizers may be able to extend some support.

Evaluation Criteria
The proposal will be evaluated according to the following:
• Cost/financial proposal: 20%
• Technical proposal: 70%, focusing on:
– As a CALP-certified trainer, has previous experience in delivering ToT CALP courses, particularly the Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff Training course in both face-to-face and online settings; kindly list down the three most recent ToT Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff that you led or co-facilitated.
– Should have experienced observing and providing feedback and recommendations to ToT participants.
– Strong experiences and understanding of CVA issues and best practices in the Pacific region; must have knowledge and work experience of the ways of working of humanitarian NGOs (local and international), state actors (e.g. National Disaster Management Authorities and social welfare departments), UN agencies, and private sector actors (e.g. financial service providers).
– Have experienced and/or supported CVA programming.
• Feedback of previous TOT/training participants: 10%
– The proposal must include the feedback from the previous participants on how you managed/led/supported the training.

How to apply

The consultants should send their most updated CV and technical and financial proposals (max. four pages) to and by 11:59PM Manila time on 19th May 2024 with the subject line: “CALP ToT Pacific.”

The proposals should provide details of the workplan, daily rate, travel expenses (airfare), meals and incidentals, and anticipated bank fees in USD.

Any additional clarifications on the consultancy should be addressed to and

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