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Founded in 1903, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s longest established international conservation organisation. Our vision is to create a sustainable future for the planet where biodiversity is conserved by the people living closest to it. We aim to do this through the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take account of human needs. We have become a trusted entity in the world of conservation. Today FFI is active in over 40 countries.

FFI is headquartered in the UK and has a network of branch offices in locations across Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Americas & Caribbean and Eurasia where its four-regional conservation programmes operate. With around 130 projects in over 40 countries, FFI employs approximately 500 people worldwide and (pre-pandemic) these employees commonly made some 500 business trips a year to more than 70 different countries, averaging around 3,500 days a year of travel.

The work and travel that FFI employees undertake inevitably comes with health, safety and security (HSS) concerns and our staff can be exposed to risky and hazardous situations, especially in some of the more insecure and remote areas that we work in, and travel to. As part of our current strategy of investing in our people we want to ensure that these risks are being mitigated and managed to an acceptable level, enabling FFI to fulfil its duty of care to protect our people and programmes.

The International Health, Safety & Security (IHSS) Manager is a new role at FFI, one which will evaluate our existing overseas HSS risk management systems, policies and procedures (P&Ps), training and resources and lead on developing, implementing and instilling understanding of, and adherence to these, strengthening and institutionalising a culture and practice of safety and security to build a resilient organisation that is well prepared for, and responds well to, the HSS challenges it faces. The responsibility for UK Health & Safety is within the remit of another role.

The IHSS Manager will monitor global travel, security and health risks which have the potential to impact our staff and field activities, alerting those who may be affected, whilst also ensuring that the information, advice and resources on the HSS site on our intranet are kept up to date. They will provide periodic reporting on HSS issues to FFI’s and trustees and track regional security and political trends so that they can brief senior and regional management on developing situations.

The role will have a strong capacity building remit, not only in terms of HSS training for staff generally but through the advice and support provided to Regional/Operations Directors and Country Directors/Managers on security management and risk assessment & mitigation for their programmes. This will include visits to field offices to understand operational HSS risks and how these are being addressed on the ground and to conduct on-site mentoring and training to support compliance with HSS P&Ps.

The IHSS Manager will also provide critical input into emergency planning and response mechanisms and to the management of crisis situations. If accidents or incidents do occur the IHSS Manager will investigate to enable organisational learning, providing recommendations on improving practice and updating P&Ps as and when necessary.

This new position will be part of the 25-person Operations Team led by the COO, who is responsible for the operational and administrative functions of the organisation including Finance, HR, ICT, Facilities, Legal, Governance & Risk Management and Health, Safety & Security.

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