Indonesia: Rescue and relief critical after Mount Semeru eruption

Rescuing survivors, providing medical care and helping people whose homes have been buried by ash and debris are critical priorities after Mount Semeru volcano eruptions in East Java, Indonesia.

Indonesian Red Cross volunteers and emergency teams have been providing medical care and relief, including tarpaulins for shelter and drinking water supplies.

Sudirman Said, Indonesian Red Cross Secretary General, said:

“It is vital that we continue to search quickly for more survivors from this tragic volcano eruption and provide survivors with medical care and relief as many have lost their homes, buried in the ash and mudflows.

“We are rushing more rescue vehicles, medical teams, water trucks and relief to the area, including food and shelter supplies to help in the coming days and weeks.”

More than 100 volunteers are helping hundreds of families displaced by the Mount Semeru volcano eruption, with tarpaulins for shelters, clean water supplies, blankets, ready to eat meals and hygiene kits.

The Indonesian Red Cross has despatched 20 ambulances and emergency teams have set up field kitchens to provide food for people displaced from their homes. More than 65,000 surgical masks have been sent to help reduce the dangers of ash and dust, while also keeping people safe from COVID-19. Two water trucks have been sent to provide drinking water.

While providing emergency support, the Indonesian Red Cross teams are also conducting assessments of the needs for longer terms recovery operations.

Jan Gelfand, Head of Indonesia Delegation, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said:

“These eruptions are devastating for hundreds of families who have lost loved ones or homes. Many have been injured and it’s critical that first aid and medical care is provided to survivors.

“Indonesian Red Cross is urgently sending more teams to the area to provide relief including tarpaulins for shelter, food and drinking water for people who have lost everything in homes buried under piles of ash, mud and debris.”

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