Head Health Centre A (Saida and Central Lebanon Area),

Closing date:

Medical Examination
Provides general outpatient services and other special services, including maternal and child
health, control of non-communicable diseases as well as for hospital referrals;
Performs medical examination of applicants for special hardship assistance, newly recruited
staff, periodic medical examination of existing staff and extension beyond retirement;
participates in medical boards and retifies sick leaves for staff;
Management of the Health Centre
Manages the health centre to which he/she is assigned, including organization of services,
personnel supervision, supply management and reporting;
Directly supervises the work of medical staff and oversees and provides general guidance to
nursing and para-medical staff in the health centre to which he/she is assigned and evalutes
their performance;
Maintains relationships with local community and local authorities;
Ensures availability of medicine and medical supplies in terms of quantity, quality and
validity; oversses ordering and recipt of these items; raises survey reports for items which are
not operational or expired and ensures the destruction process;
Participates in on-the-job and in-service training of other staff in accordance with the
approved plans;
Performs other duties as may be required.

How to apply

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