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Somalia is at this juncture targeting to further capacitate its institutions with the view of not only to solidify the gains so far achieved in peace and state-building but to move the goalposts further by ensuring that for the first time, in three decades, the Somali citizens elect their representatives by 2021. To realise this goal of peace and state-building that is in harmony with the SDGs, the National Development Plan, and the GMSS Strategic Plan, among other institutions, Galmudug State of Somalia aims to put in place more accountable and responsive institutions that promote and practice critical practices of Galmudug’s guiding four pillars.


The overall purpose of this advisory action is to provide specialist and high-level advisory support to the Ministry of Women and Human Rights to carry out its functions regarding the identified pillars of the ministry under the direct supervision, support and guidance of the Director-General of the ministry.

The Gender and Human Rights Advisor will mainly focus on supporting the Ministry in ensuring the quality and results of Gender and Human rights relevant programs implemented in Galmudug based on the State priorities.

Background Information:

The promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment is central to the mandate of the Galmudug State of Somalia in particular and the Federal Government of Somalia in general and intrinsic to their development approach. This effort includes advocating for women’s and girls’ equal rights, combating discriminatory practices and challenging the roles and stereotypes that affect inequalities and exclusion. The sustainable development pathways area of work provides an opportunity to address disparities and reshape policies to empower women and girls in all their diversity to become catalytic agents of change and equal partners with men in the quest to promote inclusive growth just equitably and sustainable. With women’s engagement, success in eradicating poverty, promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns and sustainable management of natural resources can be achieved. Ensuring women’s and men’s equal participation in governance processes and their equal benefits from services are preconditions for achieving inclusive and effective democratic governance in Somalia in particular and the world in general.**

Since Somalia has ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR 1948), Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW 1966) and other international human rights treaties that call for gender equality and observance of the rights of citizens and visitors in the country, the Gender and Human Right Advisor is of paramount importance to guide to the novice state of Galmudug that is eager to establish viable institutions that will provide adequate and inclusive services and rights to its citizens amidst COVID-19 pandemic crisis in Somalia in particular and the globe in general.

Roles and Responsibilities

· The gender advisor will support Galmudug State Ministry of Women and Human Rights to ensure that all pillar activities and state programs present gender mainstreamed components.

· Assess and identify potential gaps existing in the Ministry and channel key recommendations and messaging to the Ministry leadership, as necessary to influence policy and practice on gender mainstreaming.

· In collaboration with respective staff in the ministry, organize inclusive meetings to discuss the pressing issue on gender component in Pillar activities and develop concept notes for projects to be pipelined to resolve the matter. The advisor is expected to ensure that all projects are gender mainstreamed and promoting gender equality.

· Reinforce the understanding and the knowledge of the gender mainstreaming by providing appropriate capacity building trainings and materials to the ministry staff, as required and ensure skills transfer is achieved in the process.

· Support the Ministry, and when and if needed, by participating in pillar advisory groups, donors, partners and cabinet meetings that are important for the Ministry to achieve its mandate.

Monitoring and Evaluation

· Contribute to the development of an M&E framework to identify key benchmarks and review specific milestones and indicators within the pillars and Ministry programs for gender components.

· Monitor progress of priorities and milestones.

· Prepare specific Gender Action Plan to ensure the policies are effectively complied and inclusion of women in the implementation of various project activities are fully implemented/achieved.

Expected Outputs

· Ensuring gender components and related activities are present in the pillar strategies and programs.

· Ensure all annual work plans have implementation plans and ensure that planned programmes and projects outline gender mainstreamed activities and clear benchmarks to be met are provided.

· Monthly progress reports highlighting the achievements including the capacity building supports provided, policies and concept notes developed, training and skills transfer accomplished by the advisor.

· All other related activities to be further outlined and as detailed in the workplan of the advisor/secondee approved by the line-manager.

Qualifications and Experience

· Master’s degree in Gender or development studies

· At least 5 years of professional experience in fragile or conflict affected countries on gender related issues.

· Solid experience in the development of gender policies, research and analysis and training development.

· Experience in working with and providing policy and technical advice to high-ranking officials preferably Somali Government institutions.

· In-depth knowledge and understanding of Gender issues in patriarchal societies obtained through direct work experience in conflict affected areas.

· Excellent analytical skills, ability to synthesize and clearly present complex processes and issues.

· Ability to translate strategic thinking and innovative ideas into practical operational recommendations

· Capacity to create synergies and coordinate multiple programs and projects simultaneously.

· Ability to meet tight deadlines and work independently without supervision.

· Excellent interpersonal and communications including oral, written, and negotiating skills.

· Specific experience in carrying out the functions and tasks described in this TOR


· Fluency in English both written and oral (Advanced level)

· Fluency in Somali is an asset (Native or advanced Level)


The Gender and Human Rights Advisor will directly report to the Director General in the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development in Galmudug State of Somalia.

How to apply

Equal Opportunities: We value diversity, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect for all employees.

This position is open to Somalis both in-country and the Diaspora. Interested Candidates especially female candidates who meet all the requirements are highly encouraged.

Only successful candidates will be contacted, Please apply in below link:

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