CBM is seeking to recruit a consultant to conduct a feasibility study to assess the feasibility of a proposed project in Zambia!

CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world. Together with St. Francis Hospital in Zambia CBM would like to propose a project to the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) which shall contribute to improving the living conditions of persons with disabilities in the Eastern Province of Zambia. For the project planning of the project, CBM needs a feasibility study to assess the feasibility of the proposed project and systematically check the extent to which the project approach can achieve the planned changes under the existing framework conditions.

For this, we are looking for individual consultants or a consultancy team toundertake the feasibility study in Zambia.

Country/Region: Zambia, Eastern Province: Eastern Province is one of the ten provinces of Zambia. The rural province lies between the Luangwa River and the borders with Malawi in the east and Mozambique in the south. The province is divided into fourteen (14) districts: Chipata as the provincial capital, Nyimba, Petauke, Chama, Lusangazi, Sinda, Kasenengwa, Chasefu, Lundazi, Mambwe, Chadiza, Chipangali Vubwi and Katete, all of which fall within the geographical scope of the planned project.

Project Target Group: The project targets at least 4.000 direct beneficiaries (women, men, boys and girls with disability) in the Eastern Province.

Project Objective: People with disabilities have improved access to appropriate health services and medical rehabilitation in 14 districts in Zambia’s Eastern Province. The capacity of St Francis Hospital is strengthened in the areas of community-based inclusive development and medical rehabilitation (1). Relevant Governmental and non-governmental actors have strengthened capacities in community-based development and accessible rehabilitation services (2). Persons with disabilities and their families and their organisations can actively advocate for their interests, raise awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities and strengthen their access to medical rehabilitation (3).

Partner Organisation: St Francis’ Hospital is a 350-bed hospital located in Katete- Eastern Province of Zambia, providing medical and surgical care to the people of Katete District as well as accepting referrals from the whole of Eastern Province.

Planned Project Duration: 01.07.2025 – 31.12.2029

Commissioning organisation/contact person: CBM Christoffel Blindenmission/ Christian Blind Mission

Study duration: 30 days

Funding Titel: The “Private German Executing Agencies” funding title (Private Träger) provided by BMZ supports projects and programmes in developing countries that bring about a sustained improvement in the economic, social or ecological situation of the poor population in developing countries, or effectively support the self-help efforts of these people and involve them as partners in the process of planning and implementation. Capacity building and supporting sustainable system strengthening to overcome poverty or foster fulfilment of human rights are the core measures supported by this funding title.

Objective of the Study: The project is currently in its development phase and CBM is seeking to recruit a consultant to conduct a feasibility study to assess the feasibility of the proposed project and systematically check the extent to which the project approach can achieve the planned changes under the existing framework conditions. It should provide CBM and its partner(s) with sufficient information on the project opportunities and risks as well as concrete recommendations for improving the project concept. The study will be submitted to BMZ together with the project proposal.

Expectations: The consultant is expected to use a variety of methods to collect and analyse data. Participatory methods should be used to collect qualitative and quantitative data. The consultant shall indicate the methodology he/she intends to use in his/her offer. It is expected that relevant data on the target group is disaggregated on sex, age, and disability. For collection of data on disability, the use of the Washington Group Short Set of Questions is mandatory.

Please download full ToR here: CBM Christian Blind Mission

How to apply

Please submit the following documents to procurement.zambia(at)cbm(dot)org until June 28th:

Technical proposal:

  • A description of the consultancy firm,
  • CV ´s of suggested team members,
  • An outline of the understanding of these TORs and suggested methodology (NOT exceeding 10 pages). The methodology shall contain suggestions for the sample size of the different target groups and the suggested data collection methods for the different target groups)
  • A detailed work plan for the entire assignment.

Financial proposal:

  • A detailed budget in EUR or Zambian Kwacha for the expected assignment shall include all costs expected to conduct a disability inclusive and participatory study, and taxes according to the rules and regulations of the consultants’ local tax authorities.

Please note that we only review complete applications and only get back to applicants who receive an invitation to interview. We would like to further promote diversity in our teams and therefore welcome applications from people of different ethnic and social backgrounds, religions and world views, different ages and genders, and especially from persons with disabilities.

Please send the required documents to CBM Country Office Zambia procurement.zambia(at)cbm(dot)org by June 28th, 2024.

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