Employment Outreach Counselor (Saida, Beqaa, North Lebanon Area and Lebanon Field Office)

Closing date:

A) Outreaching to Lebanese labor market
1. Contribute to youth innovation and employment hubs monthly plan, to the sections of
outreaching and securing of vacancies;
2. Develop outreaching monthly action plan based on the national level plan;
3. Mapping and field visits to private sector and civil society organizations in his/her
geographical area;
4. Introduce KFW Cash-for-Work youth employment project and youth unit mission;
5. Securing vacancies and labor programme opportunities;
6. Support the youth employment counselor in mapping of local skills and Vocational
Training providers;
7. Coordinate with employers to organize orientation events to youth in each sector on skills
needs and anticipation.
2. Mapping of local TVET and Vocational Training providers, coordinate field visits and joint
registration activities;
3. Mapping of local free of charge skills training providers, setup a referral mechanism and
coordinate joint activities;
(B) Delivery of planning workshops and life skills training
1. Plan and conduct workshops with employers to identify their human resources needs and
recruitment processes under KFW Cash-for-Work youth employment project;
2. Support the delivery of intensive employability sessions to the pre-screened youth before
the referral to job opportunities;
3. Plan and coordinate employer’s role in the induction sessions with the recruited youth;
4. Delivery of life in the workplace session for recruited youth;
5. Delivery of intensive employability Training Of Trainers to youth peers trainers;
6. Provide support to the employers during shortlisting and selection phases.
(C) Support and follow up with employers participated in KFW Cash-for-Work youth
employment project
1. Support the employers in filling job opportunities Terms Of Reference;
2. Follow-up the filing of the youth’s appraisal forms by the employers;
3. Conduct regular spot-check visits to youth’s duty station to check employers’ commitment
and work environment;
4. Follow-up the feedback forms by the employers and report the feedback to M&E officer;
5. Confirm the youth attendance sheets after checking with employers.
(D) Contribute to labor market information system
Incumbent will be asked to provide support to communication and labor market officer
1. Classify the participating employers based on ILO international standard industrial
2. Classify the secured opportunities based on ILO international standard classification of
3. Support in collecting labor market data and information;
4. Support in collecting data based on ILO key indicators of the labor market.
(E) Data entry of outreaching results and reporting
1. Registration and update of business and Civil Society Organizations profiles on
Employment Services Centers platform;
2. Registration of secured job opportunities on Employment Services Centers platform;
3. Regular update of business and Civil Society Organizations profiles and confirming
updates conducted by the employers on Employment Services Centers platform;
4. Contribute to Youth innovation and employment hub monthly report by adding outreaching
(F) Perform other tasks and duties as may be assigned.

How to apply

Please find below the link to a video that guides applicants on how to apply to Job Openings
that approach you for guidance:


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