Within the framework of the project “ASSISTANCE AND PROTECTION OF THE MIGRANT AND REFUGEE POPULATION IN VULNERABLE SITUATIONS ON THE NORTHERN COAST OF MOROCCO”, financed by the Generalitat Valenciana, which is part of the context of the chronic crisis of the southern border and whose general aim is to improve the socio-sanitary conditions of the migrant and refugee communities in northern Morocco in an approach of protection of the most economically and socially vulnerable populations, result 3 was designed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the DDM and migrant communities by implementing a framework for responding to humanitarian emergencies.

The general objective of this consultation is to establish a framework for responding to humanitarian emergencies, adapted to the specific Moroccan context, ensuring that it complies with international humanitarian standards and principles. Specifically, this involves: ● Facilitating capacity-building workshops for DDMEntreculturas teams and community relays (approximately 32 people) on the framework for responding to humanitarian emergencies (humanitarian standards, norms and principles). A first 2-day workshop will be implemented in Tangier and a second 2-day workshop will be implemented in Nador. The costs of these 2 workshops (room rental and food) will be covered by the DDM. ● At the end of these workshops and after identifying the specific elements of the humanitarian context in Morocco and the DDM’s interventions, developing an operational protocol for responding to humanitarian emergencies that integrates the specificities of the context in Morocco as well as international humanitarian standards and principles.

At the end of this study, the production of: ● Methodological note; ● Training modules on humanitarian emergencies; ● Operational protocol for the management of humanitarian emergencies;

How to apply

Bids must be submitted by email. The content of the bid must cover at least the following sections: ● Methodological design in the form of a working hypothesis, which must include: ○ Objectives and scope of the assignment ○ Preliminary methodological approach ○ Incorporation of transversal approaches ○ Stakeholder participation ○ Deliverables. ○ Proposed timeline and tasks. ○ Budget ○ Professional CV of the consulting team, detailing their experience in relation to what is requested in section 9. When selecting the offers received, Entreculturas, together with the DDM, will evaluate the quality of these points, giving greater importance to: ● The adequacy of the technical proposal ● The quality and adequacy of the methodology to the context of the intervention ● The quality of the data collection techniques ● Detail of the proposal for presentation of the results ● The experience of the person or consulting team in the established themes and criteria.

The deadline for submission is July 21, 2024 and must be made by email to the following contacts: Arthur Dao, Director of the Diocesan Delegation of Migrations (coord.pa.ddm@gmail.com) Mariana Morales, Entreculturas Project Manager in Morocco (m.morales@entreculturas.org); Selected individuals/teams will be invited for interviews during the last week of August. Any additional questions can be directed to these email addresses.

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