A Crisis Avoided is Better than a Crisis Resolved

Core Courses

Our Courses are offered in English and French and they are available in various levels such as Certificates, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma

1. International Development Course
2. Human Resource Management Course
3. Effective Leadership in Humanitarian Programmes Course
4. Hygiene and Sanitation in Humanitarian Emergencies Course
5. Security for Humanitarians Course
6. Introduction to Humanitarian Work Course
7. Urban Disasters and Humanitarian Challenges Course
8. Humanitarian Communications Course
9. Human Rights in Humanitarian Action
10. Maternal and Child Health Course
11. Reproductive and Sexual Health Course
12. Resource Mobilization Course
13. Managing Teams in Humanitarian Response Course
14. Humanitarian Coordination Course
15. Humanitarian Negotiators Course Course
16. Community Participation and Mobilization in Emergency Response
17. Budget Planning and Management Course
18. Malaria Prevention and Management Course
19. Monitoring and Evaluation, Accountability and Leaning (MEAL) Course
20. Humanitarian Logistics Course
21. Disaster Risk Reduction Course

22. Managing Humanitarian Projects and Organizations Course
23. International Humanitarian Law Course
24. Shelter and Settlement in Emergencies Course
25. Water ,Sanitation and Hygiene Course
26. Humanitarian Procurement and Supply Chain Management Course
27. Nutrition and Humanitarian Assistance Course
28. Public Health Course
29. Armed Conflict, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Course
30. Internally Displaced Persons Course
31. Women, Peace and Security Course
32. Humanitarian Shelter Essentials Course
33. Forced Migration Course
34. Humanitarian Diplomacy Course
35. Humanitarian Safety and Security Course
36. Disaster and Conflict Management Course
37. Grants Management Course
38. Child Protection in Emergencies Course
39. Gender in Humanitarian Situations Course
40. Education in Emergencies Course
41. Humanitarian Essentials Course
42. Disaster Management Course Course
43. Food Security Analysis Course
44. Humanitarian Leadership and Management Course
45. Agriculture Risk Management Course
46. Human Resource Management Course
47. GIS Mapping for Health Course
48. Procurement and Contract Management Course
49. Gender Main streaming in Agriculture and Rural Development
50. Rural Development Course
51. Agribusiness Management Course
52. Credit Control and Debt Management Course
53. Diploma in Humanitarian Nursing Course
54. Knowledge Management Course

55. Gender in Humanitarian Actions Course
56. Records Management Course
57. HIV/AIDS Management Course
58. Report Writing Course
59. Youth Development Course Course
60. Communication Skills Course
61. ICT for Development Course
62. Social Media Management Course
63. Community Development Course
64. Effective Organizational Development Course
65. Project Risk Management Course
66. Community Home Based Care in HIV Management Course
67. Gender Based Violence Course
68. Social Work Course
69. Human Nutrition Course
70. Value Chain Management Course
71. Proposal Writing and Fund raising Course
72. Performance based Management Course
73. Data Analysis Course
74. Occupational Health Course
75. Data Management Course
76. Criminology and Security Management Course
77. Budget Planning, Control and Management Course
78. Accounting and Book Keeping Course
79. Project Management Course
80. Child Centered and Disaster Risk Reduction Course
81. Research Methods Course
82. Project Cycle Management Course

83. Finance for Non Finance Executives Course
84. Strategic Planning Course
85. Conflict Management Course
86. International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) Course
87. Gender Main streaming and Development Course
88. Corporate Governance Course
89. Humanitarian Nursing Course
90. Financial Management Course
91. Development Communications Course
92. Humanitarian Mental Health Course
93. Child Development Course
94. Water Resource Management Course
95. Food Security Management Course
96. Climate Change Management Course
97. Sustainable Development Course
98. Counselling and Psychology Course
99. Financial Sustainability Course
100. Managing People and Organizations Course

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