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HFHI has been involved in the work of residential energy efficiency (REE) for low-income housing with significant institutional partners across the CEE and CIS. HFHI has identified the need to continue this work after 2021. HFHI is looking for a consultant to work on immediate and future bids with focus on the topic of adaptation of the climate change effects, specifically on the residential energy efficiency focusing on multi-apartment buildings. Focus will be on the region of Europe and Eurasia, including the following possible countries to focus on: Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, etc.

HFHI therefore would like to engage a consultant to lead, facilitate and manage the proposal development and writing.

The consultant will be responsible:

  • Based on input from HFHI, develop a proposal for on residential energy efficiency to include current trends in climate adaptation among others that will be specified with HFHI (including budget)
  • Advise on project design based on HFHI expertise and donor priorities
  • Coordinate with HFHI internal stakeholders and external partners
  • Develop clear proposal development plan in coordination with internal stakeholders including the Global Institutional partnerships team and ensure the timely delivery of all proposal development stages
  • Coordinate regular meetings and calls among partners and internal stakeholders
  • Ensure the compliance with institutional guidelines and rules
  • Consult regularly with the lead applicant


  • Full proposal with budget and annexes. If you are interested in this opportunity and require more information on this deliverable, please contact the individuals listed below.


  • Primary contacts: Zita Kakalejcikova (, Zuzana Matusova (
  • Ongoing cooperation with: HFHI grant compliance and Global Institutional Partnerships staff

Timeline and conditions

  • As per the contract. The contracting time is from November 2021 until January 2022
  • Approximate number of working days: 15-20 until end of January 2022, upon agreement thereafter

Submission process

  • Please send your offer to Zita Kakalejcikova, Residential Energy Project Manager, HFHI EMEA at – applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please limit responses to a maximum of 2 pages and include:

  • Relevant past experience and qualifications
  • Services you offer
  • Price quote including all accruing costs and taxes
  • Past client references, if possible

Selection criteria

  • All proposals will be evaluated systematically, based on the following prioritized list of our key evaluation criteria:
  • Proven experience with complex USG proposal development and writing
  • Proven experience of facilitating multi-partner and multi-country consortium proposal processes
  • Track record of USG and other significant institutional grant proposal successes
  • Strong grounding of USG and other significant institutional grant processes
  • The best value for money offer
  • Knowledge of EU energy policies, USG energy strategy is an advantage

Further information

  • To learn more about HFHI’s current programming with residential energy efficiency, visit

How to apply

To be considered for this role, please be sure to visit the link: Coordinating Bid Consultant | Habitat for Humanity

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