About the Organisation of Southern Cooperation

The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) was established on 29 January 2020 by Latin American, Caribbean, African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Island countries at the International Summit on Balanced and Inclusive Education held in Djibouti.

As set out by its Constitutive Charter, the purpose of the OSC is to “contribute to the equitable, just, and prosperous social transformation of societies by promoting balanced and inclusive education, in order to attain the fundamental rights to liberty, justice, dignity, sustainability, social cohesion, and material and immaterial security for the peoples of the world.”

The OSC acts, therefore, as an instrument of intellectual, technical and financial cooperation and solidarity between its Member States as well as its Associate Members.

The OSC was established, as the instrument to achieve the collective vision of Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE) for all, on 29 January 2020.

About the Institute

The OSC Institute is a flagship programme of the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) established to train experts and policy makers from Member States to build institutional capacities in balanced and inclusive education; transdisciplinary research and production; endogenous technology development; and strategic, economic transformation.

OSC Institute, will provide for 2 month long intensive training programs in batches to professionals in Member States in 2024 with the following broad objectives

Objectives of the Training Programmes

The OSC Institute is a flagship programme of the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) that aims to train experts and policy makers from Member States in four key areas:

1. Balanced and inclusive education;
2. Transdisciplinary research and production;
3. Endogenous technology development;
4. Strategic economic transformation.

In 2024, the OSC Institute will offer two-month intensive training programmes in batches to professionals from Member States. The broad objectives of these programmes are:

  • Skills and capacities of policymakers in systemic governance;
  • Capacities of Ministries of Education and Institutions in curricula, pedagogy, and assessment transformation, through curriculum and social alignment, with the core principles of BIE;
  • Skills and capacities of member states in Endogenous education, knowledge and development ;
  • Skills in transformational leadership aligned with BIE approach.

Target Beneficiaries of the Institute’s Training Programmes

  • Senior Government officials and expert from Member States
  • Specialised Agencies and Institutions in Member States
  • Associate Members of the OSC

OSC institute is scheduled to be launched in the beginning of January 2024. Soon thereafter, the 2-month training programs will start for the Senior level technical specialists and experts from Member States working in the area of Curriculum design, Pedagogy, and Training & Assessment. The 2-month training program in 3 batches will take place during the year 2024 with a gap period of one month.

This vacancy calls for experienced educational experts in the specific areas listed below to serve as Master Trainers (MTs) for the OSC Institute. The MTs will work under the direct supervision of the Head of Planning for the OSC Institute, the guidance of the Under-Secretary-General for the Department of Systemic and Endogenous Educational Development (SEED), and the overall authority of the Secretary-General of OSC.

The MTs will collaborate with the SEED team of professionals to deliver the training programme.

The role of Master Trainers is to provide training and support to the staff and partners of OSC. They may also participate in some activities outside the regular office hours or location.

As a guiding principle, each Master Trainer is expected to work keeping in view the general principles and approaches of OSC built around just and equitable world order.

Job Title: Senior Education Specialist – Master Trainer (Specify Area of Specialisation)
Department: Department of Systemic and Endogenous Educational Development (SEED)
Duty Station: OSC Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, OSC Headquarters


The duties and responsibilities of Master Trainers include:

  • Review the modules and units already prepared by the SEED team for the purposes of enrichment and value addition, wherever required;
  • Facilitate, independently, courses/ training sessions under the guidance of the coordinator of study program or responsible SEED Senior Specialist;
  • Select the most relevant and up-to-date literature on their area of facilitation, summarise the contents and use the information to update the modules in close collaboration with the SEED Senior Specialists;
  • Supervise and evaluate the trainees’ works (checking day-to-day work and seminar tasks, assessment, and examination of trainees’ work, etc.), and provide (upon request) appropriate evaluative feedback to any trainee.
  • Submit report on their delivery of the modules, important issues discussed, challenges faced and recommendations for improvement, in time, to the program coordinator or responsible SEED staff;
  • Participate in review of training programmes as well as modification and revision of training content, methodology and teaching learning and reading/ reference materials after the completion of each batch of training programmes;
  • Participate in the preparation of overall training report, for review by USGs and eventually by SG, after completion of each training program; and
  • Undertake any other assignment given by the SEED Department.


Candidates must possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • A Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences or a related field.
  • A minimum of eight (8) years of experience in teaching, training, and research within the specific area of specialisation.
  • Strong record of scholarly publications and demonstrated research experience.
  • Proven expertise in designing and leading effective training programs.
  • Full proficiency in English
  • Proficiency in one of the 3 official languages ; namely French, Spanish, and Arabic is a MUST.

Field of Specialisation;

(1) one Professional is required for each of the undermentioned area of specialisation

  • Systemic Governance and Transformational Leadership
  • Assessment
  • Endogenous Education and Development
  • Inclusive and Special Need Education (Diversity, Equity, Gender etc.)
  • Transdisciplinary education
  • Pedagogy of Learning
  • Systemic Assessment Approaches and Methodologies


The Assignment will be offered under the temporary technical assistance contract on a fixed term basis for a duration ranging from a period of 9-11 months.

How to apply

How to apply

Application Details:

  • Qualified and interested candidates can apply for this position by sending their resume and cover letter to HRE@osc-ocs.org and copy o.adekunle@osc-ocs.org with the subject line “Senior Education Specialist – Master Trainer (Specify Area of Specialisation)”
  • This is a consultant position;
  • Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply;
  • Applications will be reviewed as they are received and until the position is filled.

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